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The Today Show's Shocking Expose on Noisy Restaurants

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Stop the presses, everybody, because the Geezerville-bound Today Show team has uncovered a brand new abomination to plague restaurants everywhere: noise. That's right, the hot topic that is restaurant noise levels has finally caught the attention of Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, and their Today Show brethren, resulting in a piece that seeks to explain, in Guthrie's words, "What is this noise all about?"

Yes, as reporter Mike Taibbi discovers, this "is not your daddy's restaurant business anymore" what with its open kitchens, hard surfaces and uncomfortable chairs — and noise levels that are second only to service in complaints. He visits Roy Choi's noisy Los Angeles restaurant A-Frame to prove his case with a decibel meter that puts the restaurant at an epic LAWNMOWER volume of 90 decibels. As noise-loving cretin Choi explains, "I want you to feel like you almost stumbled into a hug and we wrapped ourselves around you." Here's the report.

Video: Do noisy restaurants get on your nerves?

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