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Eater Gift Guide 2012: Blue Bottle's Coffee, Delivered

Welcome to Eater's 2012 Gift Guide Advent Calendar, where every day Eater will be bringing you holiday gift ideas — from the reasonable to the outrageous to the mindblowing must-haves. Click the graphic below to unveil today's pick, and as the holidays draw nearer check out the all the gift guides.

[Photo: WhitneyinChicago/Flickr]

Don't live in San Francisco or New York and want some excellent coffee delivered straight to your door? James and Caitlin Freeman, the folks behind the acclaimed Blue Bottle, have you covered with their coffee subscription service. It's simple: choose between 13 different blends, priced between $16 and $18 per pound, and decide whether you want the goods brought to your door every one, two, three, or four weeks. It's a pretty sweet deal, even if you live in cities with Blue Bottle readily available and just want things extra convenient.

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