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Paula Deen, on a Private Jet, Denies Enquirer Scandal

Paula and Bobby Deen.
Paula and Bobby Deen.
Photo: @Paula_Deen

Why yes, that is grease queen Paula Deen and her son Bobby Deen aboard what appears to be a private jet holding a copy of the National Enquirer with a headline that breathlessly declares, "Paula Deen Family at War." Deen herself tweeted the photo, writing, "You can't believe everything you read, y'all!" This, of course, can only be interpreted as an official denial of the tabloid's claim that "Son Bobby is sick of cooking queen's cruel sniping." Or is it?

Sure, Bobby does seem pretty happy in that picture, but the Enquirer story insists that he's "been taking her verbal blows on the chin ever since she brought him into the business, and now he's had enough." Apparently, Paula Deen said on stage at a South Carolina charity event that her son "only likes a lit­tle butter," which the Enquirer says is "a low blow" that really pushed Bobby over the edge into giving her "an ear full." Hanging out together on a private jet is the natural next step to revenge? Below, the full photo and a screengrab of her tweet, for posterity:



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