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SF Restaurant Slams 'Demoralizing' Yelpers For Shutter, Scurrilous Yelpers Bite Back

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Photo: Jake's on Market

It's time for yet another story of restaurateurs taking on review site and scourge of humanity Yelp: San Francisco restaurant Jake's on Market closed over the weekend and posted to its door and website a farewell note that partially blames Yelpers. In response, Yelpers have been posting a bunch of one-star reviews along with sweet farewell wishes that include "GOOD RIDDANCE!"

The owners also blamed "a small minority of people who rooted for our failure before we ever opened our doors because we weren't the same restaurant that had previously occupied this space." As (now former) owners Brad and Tim explain:

Reading reviews and ratings on Yelp such as, "I hated the color of their T-shirts, I'll never be back. I give them one star!" or being criticized for the taste of food that we have never even served at Jake's, was both amusing and demoralizing, not only to us as owners, but to our co-workers who put all of their efforts into giving each guest a great experience.

[Photo: Yelp]

And what exactly is it that Yelpers were writing? Well, the LA Times points out that several early reviews referenced previous occupant 2223 Restaurant, such as this gem from Alex L.: "Awful. It breaks my heart to know that 2223 closed for this. Lighting is like going to the dentist. Food was AWFUL!!!!! A real insult to southern cuisine. Service was poor. At least at the dentist I leave with a new toothbrush, floss, and a clean smile. This just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Save your hard earned money."

[Photo: Yelp]

And now, of course, even though the restaurant is closed, Yelpers are still posting their reviews, either in sadness that Jake's on Market has shuttered or to take them to task for the mean letter, such as Yelper Tom M who writes, "Someone had the nerve to call me a douche based on my non review review" — which was a one-star review for a time he walked in and no one noticed him so he left.

In Chick A.'s postmortem review, she writes:

Their passive-aggressive letter on their door encapsulates exactly why Jake's on Castro failed. Their cocky attitude mixed with lack of experience in the hospitality industry led to their short lived venture... And the fact that the owners had the balls to post such a "F" you note to the community on their door after closing-- well that makes me sorry I ever gave the ungrateful a-holes money in the first place. I dont want to see anybody lose their business.... but that note just shows how much you didn't give a f**k!

Yelpers, they'll never change, whether they're extorting not-yet-open restaurants for free ice cream or harrassing pizzeria owners for hugging the President of the United States of America.

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Jake's on Market

2223 Market Street San Francisco, CA 94114

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