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Here's Ferran Adrià's Home Cooking App: Adrià en Casa

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Chef Ferran Adrià has an app now. Adrià is partnering with telecom mothership Telefonica to create his ambitious upcoming BulliPedia, but first they've released Adrià En Casa, a tablet app for iPad ($15.99) /Android ($18.82) / Kindle Fire. It's currently available only in Spanish and contains 31 three-course meals that you can mix and match as you see fit. The app provides shopping lists, step-by-step instructions for preparing each menu, and has a built in timer. Adrià also published a book of staff meal recipes, The Family Meal, in 2011. The app is based on the slightly-different Spanish version of that concept. Below, a preview of Adrià En Casa.

Video: The Making of 'Adrià en Casa

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