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Max Silvestri's Best Top Chef Animated Gifs of 2012

2012 was a year of two Top Chef seasons: the year started with the tail end of Top Chef: Texas, and Bravo is currently treating viewers to the joys of Top Chef: Seattle. Luckily, Eater recapper Max Silvestri has been there through thick and thin, through blazing hot Texas summers to muggy Seattle nights, through Glad Family of Products to Lean Cuisine. Below, Max's best animated Top Chef gifs of 2012. And if you're aching for more, check out 2010's gifs, 2011's gifs, and the recap of this week's episode.

Top Chef Texas, Ep. 11: Weren't You in Reindeer Games:



Top Chef Texas, Ep. 16: I've Seen Fire and I've Seen Ice



Top Chef Finale: The End Is the Beginning Is the End



Top Chef Seattle Episode 2: Meet Me at the Space Needle


Top Chef Ep. 4: Who Is That Beef Behind the Curtain?



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