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Marco Pierre White Says Curtis Stone Isn't a Sell-Out

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British celebrity chef/restaurateur/bullion cube shill Marco Pierre White has broken his legendary silence on his belief that his former protege Curtis Stone is not a sell-out. Marco Pierre White talked about Curtis Stone with the News Limited Network and suggested that television chefs with corporate sponsorships are more influential than chefs actually cooking in restaurants, saying, "[T]he vehicle he uses to share his knowledge is far greater than an individual who has three hats, serving 40 covers."

Curtis Stone, whose last stint in a professional kitchen appears to have been back in 2002, is probably best known in the US for his many television appearances: see TLC's Take Home Chef, Top Chef Masters, and the absolute turd that was Around the World in 80 Plates. Curtis Stone is also a spokesperson for Coles supermarkets in Australia, but he owns no restaurants nor cooks at any, although he did say back in 2011 that he was opening a restaurant (which still hasn't materialized).

Marco Pierre White is doing promo for the upcoming Australian version of MasterChef: The Professionals — he's a mentor on the show — and he repeated some old talking points and rejected the "sell-out tag.'' Said White:

Look at how many lives he's touched, look at how many people he's inspired to come into the industry, how many mothers he's inspired to go shopping for better produce to feed their family. It enriches their lives, so how can you criticise a man for doing it? You can't... We all get up and go to work in the morning, to earn a living, to create security for our families and hopefully we've got a little bit left over for a few luxuries in life. It's as simple as that. It's one thing that upsets me about the industry where people attack others. You know something? The trade should all pull the rope together.

Here's a preview of MasterChef: The Professionals:

Video: MasterChef: The Professionals

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