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Watch a Bunch of Previews For the Super-Bacony TV Show, United States of Bacon

Lookout, world, because there's a new 12-episode television series called United States of Bacon that explores America "in search of the most mouth-watering, stomach-growl-inducing, sensory-overloading bacon creations kitchens have to offer." Avid bacon followers probably already know that this Destination America show was borne of the "break-out bacon special" from this past summer's three-part series United States of Food. And now chef Todd Fisher continues the journey with stops in Milwaukee ("a city built on meat"), Chicago (perhaps best known for hosting "one of the country's biggest bacon festivals") and other American cities from Atlanta to Portland.

United States of Bacon is set to premiere on December 30 at 10 PM, but here's a bunch of previews if you'd like to prepare yourself for the onslaught of things like bacon turtle burgers and lines from Fisher such as, "I want to wrap myself in bacon and sizzle." As NY Daily News TV reviewer David Hinckley explains, the show "rapidly becomes an exercise in pure indulgence, consumption with no concern for consequence" right from the very first episode. Enjoy, or something.

Video: Meaty Legend | United States of Bacon

Video: Bacon Turtle Burger | United States of Bacon

Video: Bacon United | United States of Bacon

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