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Gordon Ramsay Is Mad That People Are Mad at Him

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Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay
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Shouty chef Gordon Ramsay might be on lot of people's shitlists, and he finally publicly addressed the news that he applied for the UK trademark rights to "The Spotted Pig" back in November. The Spotted Pig, of course, just so happens to be in use by April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman's beloved New York institution.

Ramsay said that trying to trademark the term was, according to the Daily Mail, "an innocent mistake." Ramsay also said that he was unhappy with what he called the "Twitter haters." Almost immediately after news broke of the trademark, Anthony Bourdain chimed in, calling the move "shameful." As did Jamie Oliver, who wrote that "We like originals" in London.

Mario Batali is a co-owner of the Spotted Pig, and he and Ramsay have feuded with in the past. Ramsay also addressed Batali and said that there was no malice intended in the trademark:

This Mario Batali in the States – I've never met the guy. We have a bit of banter, and I think it's the same in sports. You know, whether it's Man City and Man United or whether it's boxers, you've got to keep up that competitive spirit. Is it malicious? No – is it hell.

And then Ramsay took more time to bash Jamie Oliver (like he did last week), because why not. Said Ramsay:

It grates me when Jamie keeps going on about, 'Oh my God, he swears so much and it must be dreadful for his children.' ...Jesus, if only you knew the kind of discipline there is in my house, and how cool and relaxed it is. So you can't win. Either way you cannot win. You just have to button it and shut up.

That is pretty good advice.

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