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Hulk Hogan Says His New Florida Restaurant Will Be 'Hooters Times 10'

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[Photos: Hulk Hogan / Facebook, Hogan's Beach Tampa / Facebook]

Is there any way Tampa, Florida could possibly be ready for Hulk Hogan's new restaurant Hogan's Beach, which opens on New Year's Eve? From the way the former pro-wrestler talks about it, it's not likely. Hogan told the Tampa Bay Times the place will be "Jimmy Buffet's [Margaritaville] times 10; Hooters times 10." Also, it will have "the total muscle beach Baywatch experience a la Hogan and it's a total family environment." But don't worry: they're going to keep the menu classy. According to chef Robert Uzzillia, "[Hogan] didn't want to cheese it up on the menu. So we stayed away from crazy wrestling terms." Got it? No puns for the Hulk.

There will be a sushi menu, an "upscale steaks and seafood," and a casual patio menu. Also, there's a mechanical shark, tiki huts, fire pits, a stage for bands, and volleyball courts. Below, a video in which Hogan discusses the new restaurant.

Video: Hogan's Beach

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