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Craigslist Post Offers Next Season Ticket to Michelin

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Photo: Chicago Craigslist

No excuses, now: someone is offering season tickets to Grant Achatz's ever-changing, impossible-to-get-into Chicago restaurant Next, but only to a Michelin inspector. Next has not received stars from the dining guide in the two years it's been eligible — not because it hasn't earned them, but because it hasn't really been evaluated. In 2011, an anonymous Michelin inspector told the Chicago Tribune, "We went as many times as we can get in. With the concept changing on an ongoing basis, for us it was problematic to accurately reflect (the experience) to our readers." Well, now one anonymous Craigslister is looking to make it a little easier for them.

Of course, it's highly unlikely an inspector will take the poster up on his or her offer. Michelin's restaurant reviewers maintain a very strict anonymity and their names are not published, and who knows who is offering this deal. Not only that, the inspector would have to dine with the poster: the offer is for "a spot at my table," not for the inspector's own table. Eater reached out to the anonymous poster and did not receive a response. It is unclear how much the ticket will cost, or if it is being offered for free.

Still, there are people who think Next has serious star potential, and Achatz's Alinea is currently the only Chicago restaurant with three stars. A ticket switcheroo like this is totally within Next's ticket policy, so there's a slight possibility it could happen. But will it? Achatz and company will find out when stars for Chicago are announced next Fall.

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