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Brooklyn Is So Trendy There's Now a Brooklyn-Themed Restaurant in Houston

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Photo: Eric Sandler/Eater Houson

Brooklyn is a very trendy place. So trendy, in fact, that there is now a Brooklyn-themed restaurant called Brooklyn Athletic Club in Houston, Texas (it officially opens tonight). According to 29-95, the restaurant's name and theme were inspired by the "neighborhood social/dining clubs" that one of the owner's grandparents used to visit in Brooklyn. (Please to note there is no actual "Brooklyn Athletic Club" in Brooklyn.) And this new American restaurant has everything: A website with old-timey photographs (and only that), civilized ball sports (like croquet and bocce), riffs on New York City dining (meatballs, Reuben sandwiches), and finally: an on-site food truck.

[Photo: Eric Sandler/Eater Houson]

The restaurant is divided into two parts: The first is a 45-seat dining room serving up things like mac and cheese and corned beef Reuben sandwiches. The second part is the backyard (aka the "BACyard") that features bocce, horseshoes, badminton, a croquet court, and fire pits. And keeping right on trend, the backyard area will have a dedicated Brooklyn Athletic Club food truck serving hamburgers and sandwiches.

Brooklyn Athletic Club makes trendy-city-themed restaurants an ongoing trend: Earlier this year an Austin-themed bar called 6th Street opened in Dallas. And a Portland-themed restaurant called Portland Craft opened in Vancouver. In a stunt, one of the local Portland, OR alt-weeklies actually sent someone out to Vancouver to write it up. Count on New York critics heading out Houston soon.

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Brooklyn Athletic Club

601 Richmond Avenue, Houston, TX 77006