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Well Yeah Guy Fieri Frozen S'mores Pizza Exists

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Photo: jakegodby/Instagram

Distinguished chef and entrepreneur Guy Fieri has a S'mores Indoors frozen pizza that is available for purchase at Sam's Club. It is not your average s'mores pizza because it comes with a kick of chili powder and cayenne pepper — the ingredients are listed in Fieri's recipe for the homemade version but for some reason aren't advertised on the packaging. (Of course because it's Sam's Club it comes in a two-pack.) And Sam's Club members are not happy: they've taken to the pizza's product page on the Sam's Club website to complain, "Can you say, 'NASTY?!'"

The pizza has been out long enough to accumulate plenty of bad reviews. Per one customer's harrowing tale: "We purchased this product because it looked delicious on the box and had Guy Fieri's name on it. I can't believe he would put his name on this awful stuff!...The taste was strange, and burned our throats (all 4 family members!). I don't recommend it at all!" Others called it "the worst - and I MEAN the WORST dessert ever," "the worst thing I have ever bought," and "HORRIBLE!"

Yes, how could Guy Fieri lead fans astray with this s'mores pizza? But don't worry, this abomination is already on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's radar. One diligent citizen posted on the federal agency's Facebook wall, "It burned my mouth like fire! Called the mfg and they said that they accidentally got hot pepper mixed up in it!! Should this not be recalled or taken off the shelves or something? I really do not know exactly what I ate!!" It is unclear at this point whether the FDA has taken any action, or indeed whether Fieri intended the S'Mores Indoors pizza to be spicy.

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