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Cochon 555 Announces 2013 10-City Tour Schedule

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Traveling competitive pork extravaganza Cochon 555 has unveiled the schedule for its 2013 fifth anniversary tour. The full lineup for each city has yet to be announced, but some confirmed participating chefs including Alex Guarnaschelli in New York, Kelly Liken in Vail, Jonathan Sundstrom in Seattle, Mike Isabella in Washington, DC, Jeffrey McInnis in Miami, and Matthias Merges in Chicago. The 10-city tour kicks off in New York City on February 10 with a lineup that is entirely female, so hooray for that. As always, winners in each city will go on to compete for the title of King (or Queen) of Porc at the Grand Cochon at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen on June 16, 2013.

Also of note, the tour is once again skipping Portland. Cochon watchers might recall that the event skipped Portland in 2011 after its co-founder Brady Lowe brawled with local chef Eric Bechard outside a strip club in 2010. Cochon returned to Portland in 2012 and everything seems to have gone well, but Lowe did file a civil suit against Bechard earlier this year. So maybe that would be awkward? Anyway, here's the schedule.

Cochon 555's 2012 Schedule

· New York City on February 10
· Atlanta on February 17
· Vail on March 10
· Seattle on March 17
· Boston on March 24
· Washington, DC on April 7
· San Francisco on April 14
· Miami on April 24
· Chicago on April 28
· Los Angeles on May 5

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