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Guy Fieri's ROCKING Broadway Debut in Rock of Ages

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Guy Fieri might be the day-glo snowglobe of Tex Mex-sushi fusion, but add another feather to his Ed Hardy cap: Fieri is now officially a seasoned Broadway actor. Recently Fieri made his one-night-only Broadway debut on Rock of Ages in a walk-on role as "Guy, the Bourbon Room Chef," and here's a video tracking his dressing room antics, rehearsal, and appearance on stage.

Fieri's New York City restaurant Guy's American Kitchen and Bar is conveniently down the street from the Helen Hayes Theatre where the musical is performed. Reads the press release: "A bond between the show's rocking cast and this bona fide rock star of the culinary world was inevitable." " Says Fieri in the video: "I don't know how this happened, but the new guy on the block has been roped, wrangled, and coerced into performing with the crew from Rock of Ages." Fieri will be retiring the custom-made "GUY" leather vest, and it will hang in his restaurant from now on. Also, don't miss the actor wearing the "Hooray For Boobies" t-shirt right next to Fieri.

Video: Guy Fieri in Rock of Ages

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Thanks Erin for sending this in.