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In His Harvard Talk, Ferran Adrià Shows Off La BulliPedia

In the the final lecture from this year's Science & Cooking Lecture series at Harvard, Ferran Adrià hits the stage to talk about his culinary archive La BulliPedia. While the lecture is more than two hours long, do not miss the last 20 minutes — starting around 1:46:00 — in which Adrià offers a first look inside his new culinary archives project La Bullipedia and the various ways in which it seeks to organize culinary information.

The world-renowned chef uses the rest of the lecture to offer a journey into the heart and history of cooking, explaining how La Bullipedia seeks to illuminate the last fifty years of western haute gastronomy. Adrià also makes the point that culinary knowledge is scattered — it's impossible for one person to be an expert in every regional cuisine or multiple products. As Adrià says, "If there is anyone that's an expert in wine here, you know that you need to live several lives to know about grapes. And it's just one given product." Here's the video.

Video: The Finale: Ferran Adrià at Harvard

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