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Conan Discovers Pizza Hut Perfume Attracts Actual Pizzas

Last night on Conan, things got a little racy when sidekick Andy Richter claimed to have gotten a bottle of the Eau de Pizza Hut cologne recently released in Canada. He sprays some on — please note the mini pizza bottle stopper — and within seconds the wafting scent brings in a man in a pizza costume who finds the sexy pizza smell irresistible. What follows are a lot of sexual innuendos, from "How about I stuff your crust?" to "You can eat my sausage and meatballs." When Conan O'Brien tries to intervene, the pizza retorts, "You stay out of this breadstick. I know a hot to trot slice of pizza when I smell one."

Video: Pizza Hut's New Perfume Makes Andy Irresistable

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