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Tom Colicchio Forces SF Restaurant to Change Its Name: Crafthouse Is Now Caskhouse

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Crafthouse, er, Caskhouse's new awning.
Crafthouse, er, Caskhouse's new awning.
Photo: Noe Valley SF

Here's Tom Colicchio, once again brandishing his "incontestable trademark on the word craft as it relates to restaurants." The chef and Top Chef judge apparently sent a cease-and-desist letter to yet-to-open San Francisco restaurant Crafthouse, effectively forcing it to change its name to Caskhouse. Partner John Dampeer tells Noe Valley SF, "We received a cease & desist letter regarding a trademark on the word 'craft' being used in any food service business. We were familiar with the company using 'craft' but didn't think our neighborhood bar would be an issue."

This is not the first time Colicchio — owner of the Craft restaurant empire with locations in New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles — has asserted his exclusive rights to the word "craft" when it comes to restaurants. Earlier this year, he forced a Wisconsin craft beer bar to change its name from Craft Table & Tap to Craftsman Table & Tap. And there are other restaurants with the word "craft" in them somehow. How many of these will face the wrath of Colicchio's legal team? Watch out, Craft & Claw and Portland Craft.

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