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Are These America's Sexiest TV Chefs?

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Are these TV's sexiest chefs? Yes, says TV Guide's Sexy Chefs Pick 'Em Game. (You pick some of them, that's the whole game.) Anyway, are they all chefs? And are they all sexy? Can you even identify who all of these people are? Some of them are chefs, yes, but others — Padma Lakshmi, Rachael Ray, Curtis Stone — are decidedly not chefs. Which ones are sexy is up to you. Below, TV Guide's list.

· Sunny Anderson
· Anthony Bourdain
· Jen Carroll
· Tom Colicchio
· Giada de Laurentiis
· Rocco DiSpirito
· Bobby Flay
· Tyler Florence
· Nadia G.
· Candice Kumai
· Padma Lakshmi
· Nigella Lawson
· Ludo Lefebvre
· Aida Mollenkamp
· Jamie Oliver
· Gordon Ramsay
· Rachael Ray
· Kayne Raymond
· Eric Ripert
· Aaron Sanchez
· Grayson Schmitz
· Curtis Stone
· Sam Talbot
· Casey Thompson
· Fabio Viviani
· Tre Wilcox

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