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Vandalism at Brunello Producer Soldera Said to Be Act of Revenge by Former Employee

Photos: Montalcinonews/YouTube; repubblica.

Italian police reportedly have a suspect in the raid and vandalism of cult Brunello di Montalcino producer Gianfranco Soldera, which resulted in the loss of nearly all of his production spanning six vintages. Original reports suspected that the tragedy was either an act of extortion by the mafia or an act of revenge from another producer in retaliation stemming from the Brunello scandal of 2008, when a number of top producers were investigated for blending their wines with illegal grape varieties. Soldera was thought to be the whistleblower on what ended up resulting in a major economic loss for the producers accused.

But reports that Italian police have identified the suspect as a former Soldera employee who is currently residing in Montalcino. No other information has been leaked, including the suspect's name, but the police are said to have "decisive evidence in hand" and a warrant is expected to be issued within the next several days.

Gianfranco Soldera also tells that, counter to earlier reports that all of the wine from 2007 – 2012 had been lost, that he still has some wine from each vintage aging in smaller barrels. There is no news yet on whether he plans to release those wines and Soldera has said he is sensitive to speculation, which is already driving the prices up on his wines from 2006.

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