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Lucky Peach's Sold-Out First Issue Sells For as Much as $162.50 on eBay

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Oh brother, it's not just steel Starbucks rewards cards that are selling for more than double their worth on eBay, but also food magazines that extol the virtues of ramen. The out-of-print first issue of Momofuku/McSweeney's quarterly Lucky Peachnormally sold for $10 on the McSweeney's site — is going for as much as $162.50 on the auction site. Well, plus another $4 in shipping costs from Portland (naturally) for this "new, never read" ramen issue.

Yes, this is what it has come to now that the magazine is out of print. Of course, bidders have been able to score copies in the relatively more reasonable $70-80 range — or the first two issues together for $91 — but most of the auctions for the elusive first issue creep higher than $100, or 10 times the original cost of the magazine. So will the Lucky Peach team step in to end the madness with a reprint of the issue? Eater reached out to editor-in-chief Chris Ying, who writes, "We don't have any plans to reprint the issue. I only have one tattered copy myself. Maybe we'll get it out in book or digital form somewhere down the road."

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