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Watch Aziz Ansari, David Chang, and the Joe Beef Guys in The Mind of a Chef

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Here's yet another preview for the new PBS series The Mind of a Chef, which follows Momofuku chef David Chang around the world and is narrated by Anthony Bourdain. While the episode premiering tonight focuses on noodles, in this preview, comedian Aziz Ansari joins Chang and Joe Beef chefs David McMillan and Frederic Morin at Montreal restaurant Wilensky's. They order the famous fried bologna sandwiches that are only served one at a time and cost extra without mustard, rules that Chang loves, saying, "I can't believe they're going to charge me if don't want something. That's genius."

They also ask about a Wilensky's rip-off in New York and Ansari jokes: "I'm going to put up a place in LA that does the same style sandwiches, is that all right? Where did you get this bread?" He then gets mistaken for another comedian of Indian descent, Sugar Sammy and later asks Chang if this happens to him, "No one is ever like, 'Morimoto, right?'"

The video: Mind of a Chef Sneak Peek

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