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Has Top Chef Just Desserts Been Canceled? Bravo Says Maybe, Maybe Not

Has Bravo canceled Top Chef Just Desserts after two seasons? In pretty much a fluff piece about the Top Chef brand and its infusion of "fresh ingredients" — it includes news that Bravo bravely passed on making Top Chef-branded Christmas ornaments and clogs — Variety writes that Top Chef Just Desserts "was canceled after the detail-oriented nature of the subject proved too challenging." A Bravo spokesperson tells Eater that Variety is making assumptions and that the network has "never confirmed a cancellation."

"Nothing official has been decided," wrote the spokesperson. "Although, no plans right now to return, but not over till it's really over..." There has been buzz that the show wasn't going to be renewed after season two — the lack of casting calls was a signal — but since there's nothing in the works, it's probably safe to say: Top Chef Just Desserts is done.

The show's host, Gail Simmons, has recently been doing interviews promoting season ten of Top Chef, and she might have slipped that there were new Top Chef spinoffs in the works. She told the Washingtonian that "there will be more great, exciting shows in the Top Chef brand." Guess it doesn't include pastry chefs any more. Eater reached out to Gail Simmons, but apparently she "has a busy day" and was unavailable for comment.

Top Chef Just Desserts had its share of craziness: see season one cheftestapant Morgan Wilson getting busted for child pornography or the sad, epic meltdowns on the show.

But still, people seem to miss the show. Over on its Facebook fan page (with 130,920 likes), every week there are at least a couple of comments from people asking, "Is there going to be a season 3?" and pleading, "When's season three coming on?!" The answer is: Sorry, most likely never.

Fans of televised pastry competition will just have to watch Cupcake Wars. Quite a cruel fate.

Update 14:50 EST: Gail Simmons sends word in: "I haven't heard word about another season from the network, but haven't heard its over either. I guess it's still up in the air. Hope that helps. Thanks!"

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