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Behold the Ferran Adrià Soda Can From Pepsi in Spain

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[Photo: EFE]

Why yes, that most definitely is the visage of legendary Spanish chef Ferran Adrià peering out from a limited edition Pepsi can. EFE brings word that Adrià is one of six of the world's "brightest minds" honored with his very own Pepsi can for participating in of the cola company's conference, El Ser Creativo, Congreso de Mentes Brillantes. He's joined by Kukuxumusu artist Mikel Urmeneta, scientist and explorer Angela Posada-Swafford, evolutionary psychologist Nancy Segal, paleontologist Jack Horner and robotics pioneer Dennis Hong.

Per a PepsiCo release, Adrià and the five other figures in the limited edition set are all among the 21 "international leaders" convening today and tomorrow in Madrid, each offering 21-minute presentations about issues affecting society today. And, according to a Google translation of EFE's report, custom cans are being raffled through a competition on Twitter in which the company asks a series of riddles after each presentation. And there it is, the most wondrous result of Adrià's partnership with PepsiCo.

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