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Watch Dave Arnold Make Questlove a 'Bitch Drink'

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Booker and Dax cocktail wizard Dave Arnold may have set some Jägermeister ablaze on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon back in July, but it was quite a different story behind the scenes. Here's a newish video from Fallon's Late Night Eats blog in which Arnold mixes up a chocolate-infused drink backstage for Questlove, drummer of in-house band The Roots.

Questlove admits that his friends call him the "bitch drink expert" for drinking boozy concoctions that are more like milkshakes than cocktails. Ever the gentleman, Arnold advises Questlove to own his drink preferences, saying, "I'd like to see someone call you a bitch at my bar" and "No one's going to call you a bitch when you're chilling your glass with liquid nitrogen." There's a whole lot of molecular gastronomy demo action, and at one point an awed Questlove tells Arnold, "You must have been great at science."

Video: Questlove and Dave Arnold Make a Cocktail

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