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PETA Sues LA Restaurant Over Serving Foie Gras

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It looks like it's time to find out the legitimacy of the loopholes California restaurateurs have been using to get around the statewide foie gras ban. Reuters reports that animal rights group PETA is filing suit against Hermosa Beach restaurant Hot's Kitchen for serving a burger with a "complimentary side of foie gras" — which back in those hazy pre-ban days would have been a regular old foie-topped burger.

Yes, because no one else seems interested in enforcing the California foie gras ban, the task has fallen to PETA, which reports on its blog: "We contacted the Hermosa Beach Police Department, but with a lot on their plates, they haven't gotten around to the case. So we've taken the matter to court, filing suit against the restaurant, called Hot's Kitchen, for engaging in unlawful business practices."

Of course, Hot's Kitchen has a lawsuit of its own in the works. Chef Sean Chaney and Hot's Restaurant Group are part of the lawsuit seeking to overturn the foie gras ban. And they don't seem to be too concerned about PETA. A spokeswoman tells Reuters that the restaurant has not yet been served with a suit, adding, "Publicity stunts such as the filing of an outrageous, baseless lawsuit, followed by the issuance of press releases are nothing more than an attempt to exploit the media by stoking controversial flames and are designed to line the pockets of profiteers." Here's a local news report:

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Hot's Kitchen

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