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Hangover Power Hour Liveblog

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Welcome to Hangover Power Hour. From 3PM to 4PM EST, every site in the Eater universe will be focusing obsessively on that beast of all beasts, the hangover.

First up: Eater Minneapolis brings you "Five Hangover Cures from Your Favorite Bartenders."

From Eater Maine: Hangover 101 From A Master: Joe Ricchio. He suggests water, a hot and cold shower, kobucha, soup, a nap, sweet coffee, dumplings, more soup, and "Remember to take breaths in and out at a count of five when you can, because oxygen is your friend."

From Eater DC: DC'S Guide to Hangover-Friendly Restaurant Dishes

From Eater NY, a critical cat:
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From Eater Houston: Hangover Cures from Houston's Food Writers

From Eater Denver: Hangover Makeover From Denver's Chefs

From Eater Vegas: Beer Cicerone Russell Gardner on Hangover Remedies

From Eater PDX: PDX Bartenders Reveal Their Go-To Hangover Meals

What causes a hangover? Probably drinking too much, but here's a video that explains it. Science:

From Eater DC: How DC Food Writers Fight Off Hangovers (bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches, bacon cheeseburgers, cheesesteaks, other vehicles for cheese).

A great hangover suggestion from Chef David Anthony Temple in Dallas: " "Sex and mimosas seems to do the trick and then breakfast at Smoke. 70 percent of the time, it works every time."

What do Charleston bartenders recommend for a hangover? Bloody Marys, shots of Jameson, coffee, and a Ramos gin fizz.

A list of hangover suggestions from across the network: a teaspoon of Fernet, instant ramen, greasy food, sex, soda water with fresh lemon and bitters, 5 hour energy drink, Dr. Pepper, pho, ginger, sleeping, black beans, coconut water, egg white cocktails, Red beer with clamato, lime, chipotle Tabasco and smoked salt, working out, b12 tablets, eggs and American cheese on toast with hot sauce and a cold beer, menudo, Tylenol, cheeseburgers, a spoonful of Tabasco and Coca-Cola syrup, avocado and OJ in a blender, a morning michelada, pozole, Malta, Mexican Coke, fried Spam, smoking a joint, and chocolate milk.

Oh hey, here's another critical cat from Eater NY:
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Ever have a hangover in Portland? You need to check out this pod tour, including the famous Nong's chicken and rice, Korean burritos, and sticky rice.

How about a map of Portland, Maine's best breakfast sandwiches?
[Bacon, egg and cheese on an everything bagel from The Works Bakery Cafe. [Photo: Betsy's Blogel blog]

MORE MAPS: a Hangover Guide to San Francisco, Eater Readers' Hangover Cures in New Orleans, The Best Hangover Brunch Spots in Atlanta, New York City's 10 Best Hangover Dishes, Seven Louisville Spots to Nurse a Hangover

Do you care about menudo in Austin? Weigh in on their open thread. Those in SF can see a menudo map here.

Head to Eater Miami to watch a video of Kim Kardashian with her head in the toilet...about six hours before she gets her hangover.

You want to know what else helps a hangover? Poutine. Here Eater Boston has a list of all the best places to find it.

Here, via Eater Miami, is cocktail wizard Alex Ott making a drink that he claims is "hangover proof":

2012_hph_1234.jpgA Hangover FACT BLAST via ENY: A key plot point in 2009's The Hangover revolves around eccentric boxer Mike Tyson's stolen tiger. In real life, Mike Tyson owns seven tigers.

And one more fact blast to wrap things up: The longest hangover in history happened back in 2007, when a 37-year-old Scottish dude drank himself into six month hangover. A month after going on a bender in which he had around 60 pints in four days, he was still complaining of a headache and blurred vision. The severe dehydration apparently caused a rare blood disorder, and it took six months of blood thinning treatments for his headache to go away. [AFP]

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