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Extortionist Elite Yelpers Go After Big Gay Ice Cream

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The Big Gay Ice Cream guys Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff were on this week's Food is the New Rock podcast, in which they talked about some of the ridiculous complaints they get. This, naturally, led to a discussion about Yelp, where people dole out one-star reviews before a restaurant even opens, or deduct a star because there's a $5,000 unicorn on their wall "and unicorns are so over." But beyond being capricious, insufferable and degenerate, Yelpers apparently continue to be well-practiced extortionists.

As Quint and Petroff explain, last summer before their New York City shop even opened its doors for the first time, they got an email from a so-called "Elite" Yelper that read, "I am going to bring a team of other Elite Yelpers on an ice cream crawl and we want to come to your store. Can you open early?" And then, in addition to asking the Big Gay Ice Cream guys to come up with special flavors just for them and sample-size portion of the whole menu, this Elite Yelper went in for the kill: "Think of all the great reviews you'll get."

Fortunately for moral fiber of America, these particular Elite Yelpers did not get their demands met. Quint tells Eater that he doesn't know if that ice cream crawl ever actually happened — and both men tell Food is the New Rock that Elite Yelpers are bound for the recesses of hell, "forced to eat at the one-starred restaurants for all eternity."

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