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Michelin Guide Announces 2013 Stars in Tokyo

Photo: Michelin

The Michelin Guide has bestowed stars upon Tokyo, once again making it the city with the most three-star restaurants in all the land. Tokyo currently has 15 three-star restaurants, which is down two from last year. Hamadaya moved down to two stars for reasons unknown, but according to Bloomberg, Araki lost its three star status because it is closing and possibly moving to London.

Tokyo has six new two-star restaurants, for a total of 57. There are also 16 new single star restaurants, which makes Tokyo's grand total 373 stars. Michelin also recently announced the stars for Western Japan, which covers Kyoto, Kobe, Osaka, and Nara. That region boasts 12 three-star restaurants, which is down from 15 in 2012.

Just last week, Michelin announced it will release a fourth Japanese guide book covering the city of Hiroshima in the Spring. Seven mysteriously mysterious Michelin tasters have been working their way through the city since last Fall, so hopefully everyone has been on their game since then. The guide could be released as soon as May.

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