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Rare Titantic Menus Sell For a World Record $160,000

Photos: Henry Aldridge and Son

Two rare menus related to the ill-fated RMS Titantic sold at auction over the weekend for world record prices that add up to a combined more than £100,000. According to British auction firm Henry Aldridge and Son, this weekend's auction "broke a number of world record prices," led by the sale of a first class lunch menu from the first meal to have been served aboard the Titanic, offering lobsters, hodge podge and roast beef. This menu — said to be one of the rarest in existence — netted £64,000 ($100,000 USD) in the auction.

A second Titanic-related menu sold for more than £36,000 ($60,000), which the firm declares to be another world record. This menu was from a May 31, 1911, VIP luncheon held at the Grand Central Hotel in Belfast, celebrating the launch of the Titanic. The menu included foie gras-stuffed eggs, turtle soup and the "finest wines and spirits." Press materials also cite reports that Luigi Gatti, manager of the ship's a la carte restaurant, attended this luncheon.

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