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Sofa King Juicy Burger's Name (Sort Of) Rocks TN Town

There's some fussing going on in Red Bank, TN, over the name of a forthcoming fast-food burger outlet with the double entendre of a name Sofa King Juicy Burger. Times Free Press metro columnist David Cook wrote an editorial over the weekend — under a double entendre headline of its own, "Sofa king bad" — describing the restaurant as "a cultural litmus test" and offering the time-tested warning: think of the children. Meanwhile, the restaurant's owners explain that the restaurant "is not owned by Lucifer or Beelzebub" — and its partially Saturday Night Live-inspired name could refer to the big sofa they're going to have inside.

WRCB asks a bunch of locals what they think of the name, though, and it seems like maybe no one actually cares that much? As Red Bank Mayor John Roberts says, "I hope they're not pulling a fast one on us, but I don't think they are, really. They seem like good, legitimate business owners for our city." Here's the local report.

Video: Too racy for Red Bank? Restaurant name raises eyebrows | Chattanooga News, Weather

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Sofa King Juicy Burger

1743 Dayton Blvd, Chattanooga TN