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The 'Manliest' Restaurant in America: Oklahoma Joe's?

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Oklahoma Joe's, Kansas City.
Oklahoma Joe's, Kansas City.
Photo: Oklahoma Joe's / Facebook

Avert your eyes, feeble women folk, because Men's Health has named the Manliest Restaurant in America: Oklahoma Joe's in Kansas City. The uber-masculine barbecue restaurant beat out such testosterone-pumping eateries as Katz's Deli in New York and awfully-fond-of-offal chef Chris Cosentino's Incanto in San Francisco. Congratulations men, you have finally found a restaurant where, as Men's Health Guy Gourmet blog editor Paul Kita says, "grunting is a sign of appreciation, where items on the menu have been around longer than some sports teams, and where, ultimately, the food satisfies what it means to be a hungry man." Ladies, go eat your vegan cupcakes and your fruitberrytinis and whatnot and leave the smoked meat to the men.

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Oklahoma Joe's

3002 West 47th Avenue Kansas City, KS 66103