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Watch Larry David's Thanksgiving Special on Funny or Die

Do not miss this: Here's the video "Larry David's Thanksgiving Special" from Funny or Die, which for some reason was pulled last year. And now it's back, with all new illustrations. It's basically Larry David recounting his Thanksgiving experiences with his mom (who'd never sit down to eat), his dad (who'd yell at her to sit down), his cousin Arthur, and Uncle Leo (who often took his shirt off). Quote: "The one thing I could count on every Thanksgiving, and you could bank on it, was that at the beginning of the meal was my mother saying, 'Larry and I like the dark meat.' That's the one thing we had in common. Dark meat. And then she'd start belittling all the white meat eaters at the table."

In the video, David asks, "What I did get about Thanksgiving is that it was the only day of the year we had turkey. If it was so good how come we were eating chicken three times a week?" He also calls the very concept of stuffing "very confusing."

Video: Larry David's Thanksgiving Special

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