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Bourdain Slams Gordon Ramsay's Spotted Pig Trademark as 'Shameful' and 'Pathetic'

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This morning, it was revealed that shouty chef Gordon Ramsay has applied for the UK trademark to The Spotted Pig, a name that just so happens to be in use by April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman's beloved New York institution. The Ramsay team suggests they don't have any plans to use the name, but should the trademark go through it would effectively prohibit Bloomfield and Friedman from expanding the concept to the UK under the Spotted Pig name.

So how does noted wallflower Anthony Bourdain feel about the news? He weighs in on the whole thing, tweeting, "That Gordon Ramsay would register name 'Spotted Pig' in London and screw April Bloomfield (who built the brand) over is shameful pathetic."

UPDATE: In a later tweet, Bourdain expands on his objections, writing, "Gordon Ramsay registers name "Spotted Pig" in England? Shatters plans of fellow Brit April Bloomfield? Appropriates brand she built? Nice."

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