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Watch an Exclusive Clip of David Chang's Mind of a Chef, Premiering Next Friday on PBS

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Here's a preview of The Mind of a Chef, the new PBS series on Momofuku chef David Chang narrated by Anthony Bourdain. The first episode focuses on noodles, and in the clip below, Chang makes cacio e pepe with instant ramen. "Italians are probably rolling in their graves," says the chef. "Even the ones that are still alive." He also reminisces about being a young kid, coming home from school and eating the ramen straight from the package. "It's what you do when you don't know how to boil water," he says.

In today's New York Times, Bourdain is described as hoping this is "a new type of cooking show, a kind of intellectual biography." He says that the show is "exploring the creative process, the anatomy of a style of cooking." The series premieres next Friday, but this being PBS, you ought to check your local listings.

Video: Mind of a Chef/Episode 101 Preview: Noodle

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