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CBS Exposes the Real Menace of 'Generation Foodie'

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What is it with all these foodies running around today, with their blogs and their Instagram and their curiosity about Wolfgang Puck's Spago remodel? As part of CBS Sunday Morning's annual food episode, non-foodie Lee Cowan tries to find out. First he talks to Puck, who explains the horrors of Twitter: "So if you mess up a meal today, you can see maybe 200, 300 people know it already before I go to sleep, because this guy or this woman Tweeted to all their friends." Cowan also talks with blogger Krista Simmons ("who sought out a hipster coffee hangout in the industrial section of Los Angeles," naturally) about whether or not food is the new rock. Confirms Simmons, "Food really is the new rock." And then LA Times restaurant critic Jonathan Gold stops by, his flowing tresses backlit and his face obscured because anonymity. Go, watch:

Video: Generation Foodie: Our Changing Epicurean Nation

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