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After NYT Review, Guy Fieri Pulls the 'Nuclear Waste' Watermelon Margarita Off the Menu

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Watermelon Margarita [Photo: Talia Baiocchi/Eater]

Looks like the people of America have missed their chance to try a watermelon margarita that "tastes like some combination of radiator fluid and formaldehyde." Following Pete Wells' crushing New York Times review of Guy's American Kitchen and Bar, unapologetic chef Guy Fieri has pulled the now-infamous watermelon margarita that P-Dubs also wrote, "glows like nuclear waste." visits the Times Square restaurant for the obligatory media shitstorm piece and discovers the worst: "After a failed attempt to order the suspiciously blue watermelon margarita, we learned that Wells' claims had killed the item. It had been dramatically stricken from the menu." (Other chefs who have bowed to P-Dubs' hammer include Eric Ripert, who removed a Dover Sole dish from the menu because of a less than favorable review.)

But perhaps this is better for the future diabetics of the world? As Eater' Wine Editor Talia Baiocchi put it in her own Un-Guide to Drinkin' in FLAVOR TOWN, the margarita is "not so much a drink, as it is a cup of diabetes that tastes like a crackhead with a sweet tooth melted down blue raspberry Dum Dums, gum balls, and Sour Patch Kids and put it on ice." For now, though, the drink is still listed on the Guy's American Kitchen menu, so maybe this is just until the furor dies down? For posterity, here's the cocktail menu:

[Photo: Guy's American]

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