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Canadian Restaurateur Gets 90 Days in Jail For Libel Spree

Mambo, Ottawa.
Mambo, Ottawa.
Photos: Mambo/Facebook / HuffPo/F

Turns out it will be 90 days in jail for the Canadian restaurateur who was found guilty of criminal libel against a review-posting customer. The Ottawa Citizen reports that today a judge officially handed down the sentence for Mambo Nuevo Latino owner Marisol Simoes. Ontario Court Justice Diane Lahaie reportedly told Simoes that "her hostile, malicious and pre-meditated actions against Elayna Katz were 'akin to cyber bullying' and deserving of time behind bars."

This is the culmination of a two-year revenge spree in which Simoes posing at Katz sent lewd emails to Katz's employers declaring herself to be transgendered, into threesomes, and "a tiger in the bedroom." All this because Katz had written a bad online review of Simoes' restaurant claiming "that drink service was slow and that staff wanted her to pay for both meals after she sent the first one back — a pasta dish with olives when she specifically asked for no olives."

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