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Watch the Premiere of Homaro Cantu's New Show, CookiNG Under Pressure

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Last night marked the premiere of Chef Homaro Cantu's new web series, CookiNG Under Pressure. The show follows Cantu, partner Trevor Rose-Hamblin, and their team at the high-tech Chicago restaurant iNG, which bills itself as the world's only place specializing "in a flavor changing experience." Cantu also owns Moto, the restaurant that has edible menus and has collaborated with Nasa.

In this particular episode, the kitchen staff has just a few days to come up with a menu inspired by A Nightmare Before Christmas. Expect lots of pumpkins, snowmen, and Miracle Berry, the powder Cantu developed that can make sweets taste savory and vice versa. Episode two will air on January 1, 2013.

Video: CookiNG Under Pressure [Episode 1]

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