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Yelpers Distraught Over Ryan Gosling Abandoning His Los Angeles Restaurant

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Hey girl, Ryan Gosling's sorry he missed you at Tagine.
Hey girl, Ryan Gosling's sorry he missed you at Tagine.

Actor/feminist icon Ryan Gosling is an investor in the Beverly Hills restaurant Tagine, and breaking news you guys: he hasn't been there for literally months. The Toronto Sun broke the news (Gosling is Canadian) over the weekend that a waiter told some Vancouver tourists that "Ryan hasn't been around in months." Can you even imagine the nerve of this guy?

Tagine touts Gosling's involvement in the restaurant on their website, and even says he created the restaurant alongside chef "Ben" Benameur. But Yelpers have definitely noticed his absence: "The only thing that didn't sit well with me, was I kept waiting for Ryan Gosling to come through the doors," writes Raji R. "Only downfall..not being able to run into Ryan Gossling [sic] who is part owner of this fine establishment," says Adrienne S. Hey girls, sorry to disappoint you.

Gosling has been in Austin, Texas recently filming an upcoming Terrence Malick-directed movie, so maybe that has something to do with why he's not in the restaurant? Anyway, Gosling, get on it: your fangirls are waiting.

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