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Watch Gordon Ramsay Unleash a Horde of Bloggers on an Unsuspecting Restaurant

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On the latest episode of Kitchen Nightmares, wrinkly shoutbot Gordon Ramsay attempted to save Mama Maria's Restaurant in Brooklyn and he needed a way to get the word out. After throwing out the frozen food, changing the menu, and giving the place a new paint job, Ramsay invited a bunch of ravenous bloggers to the big relaunch night (this is not the first time).

"We got some big hitters in tonight," says Ramsay about the bloggers. "First off Eat in Brooklyn, a blogging website. Dynamic. Blackboard Eats. Blog. Eat to Blog are also joining us. Followed by the New York Observer. Big one. Absolutely big one. You have got a powerhouse full of critics." One of the bloggers is Brian Gallagher who apparently has only written four posts for the Observer?

Kitchen Nightmares has already been established as full of fakery, but do note how the show takes a blogger's statement of, "I'm really hungry, too," and transforms it into a unconvincing dramatic moment.

At the end of the episode, the voiceover says: "Mama Maria's has already generated a ton of positive buzz from bloggers and websites... and this 55-year old restaurant is on its way back to being a fixture in Brooklyn once again."

Video: Gordon Ramsay Unleashes a Hoard of Bloggers on a Restaurant

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