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Are EVEN MORE Top Chef Spinoffs in the Works?

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Bravo's Top Chef has already been spun off into three shows — Top Chef Masters (four seasons), Top Chef Just Desserts (two seasons), and Life After Top Chef (one craptacular season), not to mention international editions (including Greece, Canada, Finland, and the Netherlands) — and it looks like there might be more Top Chef spinoffs in the works.

In an interview with the Washingtonian, television personality Gail Simmons said that she couldn't talk about the upcoming season of Top Chef set in Seattle, but she also said that "there will be more great, exciting shows in the Top Chef brand." Back in 2008 Bravo announced the existence of a Top Chef Junior — there were even casting calls — but for some reason or other it never panned out. What possible spinoffs could there be? Here are a few possibilities:

· Top Chef: Babies
· Top Chef: Senior
· Top Chef: Episode VII
· Top Chef: On a Boat
· Top Chef: On a Gondola
· Top Chef: The Next Generation
· Top Chef: Deep Space Nine
· Top Chef: Voyager
· Top Chef: Enterprise
· Top Chef: Super-Duper All-Stars
· Top Chef: The Hunger Games
· Top Chef vs Hell's Kitchen: A Crossover Event
· Life After Life After Top Chef

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