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Here's the Cover For Lucky Peach Issue Five: Chinatown

Behold the cover for the fifth issue of David Chang/McSweeney's team effort Lucky Peach. The theme at hand: Chinatown. Here is what's known about the upcoming issue, compiled from Lucky Peach's website and also the cover copy:

· Anthony Bourdain wrote something about fish heads and also something about movies.
· Harold McGee, presumably in his Outré Space column, writes something about Chinese white balls (?).
· "If [cookbook author] Fuchsia Dunlop weren't in this issue, it'd be an utter failure."
· A story from former SF Weekly restaurant critic/current Tasting Table editor Jonathan Kauffman about Chinatown produce markets.
· A dim sum guide, a piece by food TV person/chef Martin Yan, some fiction, an article about ginseng, "Chinese Christmas turkey," pizza fried rice, "Chinese-Korean noodles, the San Gabriel valley, opium dens, crab rangoons," and a story on the condiment packets that come with Chinese takeout.
· "And the sort of celebrity chef detritus you expect from us" which includes the likes of chefs Danny Bowien and Roy Choi.

The issue comes out November 13. Also, David Chang is on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon tonight talking about the issue, so check that out.

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[Photo: Long Play]