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Heston Blumenthal to Unleash Gigantic Food on the UK

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It's time for more comically large food items from UK culinary superstar Heston Blumenthal. Next week marks the premiere of the chef's new television series, Heston's Fantastical Foods, in which Blumenthal seizes on both the British people's nostalgia and fascination with super-sized food. Oh, and gimmickry. In the first episode, Blumenthal cooks breakfast for commuters on a steam train — breakfast as in an edible newspaper to go along with "fried bread the size of carpet tiles" One commuter tells This Is Leicestershire:

It was all very Willy Wonka and nothing Heston did was ever quite what it seemed – that was the whole game. We had tomatoes that were actually made of sausage, tomato that looked like bacon and a giant egg made of all sorts of things.

Other episodes involve a two-and-half metre high Christmas pudding, the world's largest Kit Kat bar and one episode in which Blumenthal attempts to make a huge dunking biscuit to go with a giant cup of tea. Executive producer Jenny Byrom writes about the challenges of producing the show and explains, "Knowing our careers depended on the success of a giant dunking biscuit was a little unnerving, but it was delicious."

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