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Take a Look Inside Daniel Boulud's Cafe Boulud Toronto

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[Photos: Gizelle Lau]

Here's the interior of Daniel Boulud's just opened Cafe Boulud at the Four Seasons in Toronto. According to a press release, the interiors were designed by Rosalie Wise Design and feature paintings by LA-based artist and Banksy' protégé Mr. Brainwash depicting Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Albert Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, Kate Moss, and more. The paintings are for sale and there will be a rotating selection of local artists' work as well. The floor is made from billion-year-old Ontario stone (that is some old stone) and local wood.

The menu, which is overseen by chef de cuisine Tyler Shedden, is broken into four sections: La Tradition (French food), La Saison (seasonal food), Le Potager (vegetables), and Le Voyage (global cuisine). The dessert menu is split in two: La Tradition and La Saison. No tasting menu as yet, but one is in the works.

Toronto is the place to be these days: David Chang just opened a four-restaurant Momofuku multiplex, and a smattering of other hot spots have recently opened nearby. Boulud also recently opened a Maison Boulud in Montreal after closing two restaurants in Vancouver.

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