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Watch the Trailer to Eddie Huang's New Vice Web Series

Chef and professional troublemaker Eddie Huang has a new web series on Vice called "Fresh Off the Boat," and here's a preview. Huang, referencing his on-again/off-again Cooking Channel show Cheap Bites, writes on his blog: "It took 2 years and change but we got off that other label and Vice set the kid free. There are no producers on this show telling me to lift that lid again, take another bite, really mean it when you bite it and tell the viewers how good it is even though it blatantly tastes like a rotten Haight Street Birkenstock." Vice calls it "a genre-bending venture into subculture through the lens of food." Season one premieres Monday, October 15. Here's the trailer:

Video: Season One Trailer: Fresh Off The Boat

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