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Starbucks Addicts Panic Over Pumpkin Latte 'Shortage'

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Photo: @anic234 / Twitter, Starbucks

Don't panic or anything, but it seems that there is maybe a shortage of the mix that goes into Starbucks' seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte. Oh, just kidding, everybody panic. According to Twitter, Fall is ruined. According to the Wall Street Journal, Starbucks denies a widespread shortage, "though they acknowledge shortages at some stores due to infrequent deliveries." Over on the blog Starbucks Gossip, employees of the coffee shop are complaining about their stores running out of the Pumpkin Spice flavor of Via instant coffee mix as well.

But is Starbucks actually unable to serve the autumnal beverage to its crazed, cultish fans? In fact, there's a whole lot more hyperbolic hand wringing on Twitter than people actually complaining about not being able to order them. One user, @ladyp8riot76, did say she "waited in line for 10 minutes to find out they're out of Pumpkin Spice Latte. There should've been a sign." It's the least they could do.

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