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Denver Restaurant Turns Down Romney Speech, Gets Hate Mail and Death Threats

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Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe.
Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe.
Photo: pjroldan

A Denver Mexican restaurant says it has been receiving hate emails and death threats after news that they denied a Romney campaign request hit local website Westword. According to a follow up Facebook response by Oscar Aguirre, whose parents own Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe, the Romney campaign was denied because they wanted to use the space as "a political stump." The Aguirres are Mormons, as is Romney, and Aguirre says campaign organizers approached the family in August based on the fact that they had religion in common with the Republican nominee.

Aguirre says they did not refuse Romney service at the restaurant but rather did not want Rosa Linda's "to be a campaign stopping place." Romney ended up heading over to Chipotle for a photo opp instead. According to Westword, President Obama has eaten Rosa Linda's food twice (although at events, not at the restaurant) and Aguirre says "We will welcome any sitting President Of the United States."

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Rosa Linda's Mexican Cafe

2005 West 33rd Avenue Denver, CO 80211