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Taco Bell Calls Lorena Garcia a 'Master Chef'

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Taco Bell uploaded a video to YouTube today that calls Lorena Garcia a "master chef." Now Lorena Garcia is the chef/owner of a single airport restaurant and a consultant for Taco Bell who helped the company rip off Chipotle's menu. But just because you were a contestant on Top Chef Masters, it doesn't make you a "master chef."

Anyway, the video is some wildly sad green/health-washing — Garcia goes to a cilantro farm in California to see where the company's cilantro is grown. "This is my biggest and most proudest moment in my relationship with Taco Bell, which is really showing to the world the truth what's happening from the inside out," says Garcia. "Not only from the decision that Taco Bell has made to partner up with me and making this menu, but from the positive impact that we're creating." Future positive impacts apparently include a "Chicken Caesar Burrito."

Writer Regina Schrambling recently asked, "Is there a more abused honorific than Chef?" But leave it to Taco Bell — maker of the "Doritos Locos Tacos Supreme" — to amp it up even further. The only logical end for this is just to call Lorena Garcia the "Doritos Tacos Master Chef Supreme." Here's video:

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