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Atlantic City Surveys Sandy's Impact on Bars, Casinos

[Photos: Sammy Hagar / Facebook]

Some of the worst damage from Hurricane Sandy is in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where much of the city's famous Boardwalk was destroyed. The city's Emergency Management Chief Tom Foley tells the Philadelphia Inquirer that while "a section of the boardwalk's north end did collapse, it was an older, damaged section that was already slated for demolition." The city plans on rebuilding. Meanwhile, the AP reports Atlantic City's famous casinos emerged from the storm relatively unharmed, and are waiting on permission from the state to reopen. President Obama is planning a visit to the city to meet with first responders.

Above, images from rock star Sammy Hagar's Beach Bar & Grill in Atlantic City, which is currently closed for the season but got a pretty severe beating from the storm. In the video below, Today's Al Roker surveys the damage and remembers the Boardwalk as it once was.

Video: Atlantic City's Famous Boardwalk Destroyed by Sandy

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